General Policies
Course Submission Policies

General Policies

  1. TrainingFinder.org is a free service for users and submitters provided by the Public Health Foundation (PHF) with support from its funding partners and sponsors. PHF receives no commissions nor any other financial compensation related to user enrollment in a course or purchase through this system.

  2. Users may treat all information found on this site as public domain, unless otherwise noted.

  3. Information about users is kept confidential by PHF and will not be shared with any other organization or individual.

  4. All registrations, purchases, obligations, and course communications are the responsibilities of users and submitters. PHF will not arbitrate disputes.

  5. Neither PHF nor any of its funding partners or sponsors endorse courses nor are responsible for course content, which is entirely the responsibility of submitters. Users are encouraged to carefully review all course descriptions and contact the course offerer or developer to make their own decisions about the quality and suitability of courses for their learning needs. PHF actively solicits course listings from accredited or reputable sources with expertise and experience in distance learning for public health professionals. PHF will make a reasonable effort to verify the business and educational reputation of lesser-known sources.

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Course Submission Policies

  1. Submitters are responsible for entering course information into the TrainingFinder.org database and keeping information up to date.

  2. Submitters agree to allow PHF to use their course titles and organizational names for publicizing the TrainingFinder.org web site.

  3. All courses entered by registered organizations will be placed in a temporary holding bin until approved for listing by PHF. Submitters will be notified by e-mail upon acceptance or denial of a course. Furthermore, courses will automatically be deactivated at the entered deactivation date.

  4. PHF reserves the right to edit course listings, subject areas, and/or target audiences for clarity and overall consistency within TrainingFinder.org.

  5. PHF reserves the right to refuse or revoke any organization's privilege to submit courses to TrainingFinder.org or to list any course that is inconsistent with the purpose, scope, and target audiences of TrainingFinder.org or for any other reason.

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