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07/31/02 10:00 PM
How to increase learner reviews on TrainingFinder

Use's learner review feature to capture rapid feedback on your distance learning courses! The CDC has been successful at receiving hundreds of course reviews through by actively promoting the opportunity during satellite broadcasts and after events. Some good ways to encourage reviews:
(A) Your instructor or broadcast moderator can provide instructions during the program to visit, search for your course name, then click on "Submit a Review." A sample moderator script is attached in Word.
(B) Post a link to the course's learner review page on your web site next to program information or in course materials.
(C) Include the direct URL to the course review page in an e-mail message or letter to participants, asking for their feedback on the program.

Remember, learners can only review your course so long as it remains an active listing on the site. If you have a one-time only, live program, your course listing will "deactivate" after the program date. Learners will not be able to review your course unless you modify the listing. For example, if you will offer a video or webcast archive of a live broadcast, you can modify the listing after the program airs to specify a "continuous/self-study" format and extend the deactivation date.

Stacy Baker
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